Is Science Built on the Shoulders of Women? A Study of Gender Differences in Contributorship | Macaluso et al (2016) | AAMC

  • Women were significantly more likely to be associated with performing experiments, and men were more likely to be associated with all other authorship roles.
  • The differences in labor roles may explain some of the disparities in the rates of scientific publication between men and women, particularly in prestigious first and last author positions.
  • The disparities have implications for the production of scholarly knowledge, the evaluation of scholars, and the ethical conduct of science.

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Public Libraries As Partners for Health | Whiteman et al (2018) | Prev Chronic Dis:

  • Respondents reported frequently interacting with patrons around health and social concerns -well beyond those related to literacy and education- including help with employment (94%), nutrition (70%), exercise (66%), and social welfare benefits (51%).
  • Library staff members need additional training and resources and collaboration with public health and health care institutions to respond to community needs.

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Faustino Calderón, el descubridor de pueblos deshabitados | 2020 |

  • Me impresiona la ruina. Ver un pueblo, imaginar que allí hubo vida y ahora verlo en ruinas.
  • Me impresiona mucho el silencio y la soledad. Escuchar el silencio, o sea, no escuchar nada más que los sonidos naturales si hace aire, el batir de las ramas, el propio viento o un arroyo que pasa.
  • Las ruinas (…) son hermosas.

Blog de Faustino:

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Morality-related and revolution-related arguments in Facebook discussions concerning veganism | Spassini (2017) | Res Rhetorica:

  • Carnists reveal to be more aggressive towards their opponents. In constructing their arguments, they use also the fallacious means and often apply derision techniques
  • The sporadic use of scientific or pseudo-scientific authorities, especially from the vegan side, is an interesting point to be developed
  • The presence of almost-religious extremism impacts a veganism-related verbal and visual argumentation, and even violence against the vegans

How Can School Libraries Support Student Wellbeing? Evidence and Implications for Further Research | Merga (2020) | Journal of Library Administration

  • Promising findings on how school libraries operate as safe spaces for young people; promote and resource mental health and wellbeing initiatives; and, support and promote bibliotherapeutic practices and reading for pleasure, suggest that these, amongst other areas of relevance, can be useful starting points for furthering this research agenda
  • We need further research on these points of alignment and others related to student wellbeing which can allow for a current body of evidence around the role of school libraries as a support of our vulnerable middle and high school years students

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Rethinking the ‘Social’ in ‘Social Media’… on the Mastodon Social Network | Liu et al (2020) | New Media & Society:

  • The decentralized structure of Mastodon enables community autonomy
  • Mastodon’s open-source protocol allows the internal and technical development of the site to become a social enterprise in and of itself
  • Mastodon helps us rethink ‘the social’ in social media in terms of topology, abstraction, and scale.


Repensando lo "social" en los "medios sociales"… en la red social Mastodon | Liu et al (2020) | New Media & Society:

  • La estructura descentralizada de Mastodon permite la autonomía de la comunidad
  • El protocolo de código abierto de Mastodon permite que el desarrollo interno y técnico del sitio se convierta en una empresa social en sí misma
  • Mastodon nos ayuda a repensar "lo social" en los medios sociales en términos de topología, abstracción y escala.

2021 | Ima Sanchís | La Contra:

  • Cuando detectas confusión o enfado, mejor vete a pasear. Pensar bien requiere tiempo. Si la emoción sube, la razón baja, y cualquier conclusión será errónea
  • Confiamos en gente que hemos querido y como trabajamos con la imagen que tenemos de la realidad y no con la realidad, bajamos las defensas. Por eso vivimos las traiciones que vivimos
  • Observa un problema desde otra perspectiva y reformulalo: esa es la opción correcta

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The effects of plant-based diets on the body and the brain: a systematic review | Medawar et al (2019) | Transl Psychiatry:

  • They found robust evidence for short-to moderate-term beneficial effects of plant-based diets versus conventional diets on weight status, energy metabolism and systemic inflammation in healthy participants, obese and type-2 diabetes patients
  • There are no studies linking plant-based diets and cognitive abilities on a neural level, which are urgently needed, due to the hidden potential as a dietary therapeutic tool

"Letters to a Young Scientist" by Edward O. Wilson: Introversion and Science

When I started as a PhD student in 2014, my supervisor gave me as a gift "Letters to a Young Scientist" by Edward O. Wilson. I also enjoyed Susan Cain's insights on introverts. I wonder how many times -we- introverts have been considered negatively simply because introversion. Edward O. Wilson said this about "solitary brains" and science (chapter 7):

Letters to a Young Scientist by Edward O. Wilson. Chapter 7, pages 101-102 (at least in Spanish edition by Debate Editor) But is groupthink the best way to create really new science? Risking heresy, I hereby dissent. I believe the creative process usually unfolds in a very different way. It arises and for a while germinates in a solitary brain. It commences as an idea and, equally important, the ambition of a single person who is prepared and strongly motivated to make discoveries in one domain of science or another. The successful innovator is favored by a fortunate combination of talent and circumstance, and is socially conditioned by family, friends, teachers, and mentors, and by stories of great scientists and their discoveries. He (or she) is sometimes driven, I will dare to suggest, by a passive-aggressive nature, and sometimes an anger against some part of society or problem in the world. There is also an introversion in the innovator that keeps him from team sports and social events. He dislikes authority, or at least being told what to do. He is not a leader in high school or college, nor is he likely to be pledged by social clubs. From an early age he is a dreamer, not a doer. His attention wanders easily. He likes to probe, to collect, to tinker. He is prone to fantasize. He is not inclined to focus. He will not be voted by his classmates most likely to succeed.

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Investigating the public response to local government decisions to reduce or remove public library services | McCahill et al (2020) | 0961-0006:

– Since the reduction in opening hours… respondents reported issues such as ‘more boredom’, a ‘loss of a place to go’, 'an increased level of anxiety and fewer opportunities to socialise and communicate with others' or 'less opportunity for my child to be introduced to books, reading, learning, socialising and communication'.

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